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While I will still post in gamewide ones when/if they come up, like some 7-11s this post will always be open if you think of something I could improve on, have any questions, comments, concerns, or actually like something I'm doing and want to let me know.

Comment screening and ISP logging should be off and anon posting should be on - please let me know if this is not the case, I'm still figuring out DW!
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Backtagging: I ♥ backtagging, I'll do it quite a bit myself. Let's be backtag buddies! If you think I've forgotten a thread that you want to continue please just shoot me a ping reminding me about it, I have the memory of a goldfish.
Threadhopping: In general I am okay with this, though if you're getting into a 100+ comment long tangent with someone else on one of my posts I'd prefer you move it to a different post? Additionally, if it looks serious or PLOTTY, I'd appreciate being asked first (I will likely almost always say yes). PM via DW or Plurk are both fine!
Fourthwalling: Demyx probably won't believe you, but as long as it doesn't hit INFOMODDING level I'm fine with it? (i.e., an offhand comment about "That damn boss battle" is ok, but please no "Let me tell you your life story")
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I am pretty good to go for just about anything and have been labeled 'unsquickable'. I'd prefer you keep a lid on slurs and hateful language unless you have serious case for it being IC because I just generally find that to be pretty douchey.


Hugging this character: OK - Demyx might even hug back (after a moment of surprise).
Kissing this character: Sure, though he'll see it as a joke and might even play along.
Flirting with this character: Also fair game, though again h is assumption will be that it's just an 'all in good fun'.
Fighting with this character: I'd prefer to plan things out ahead of time so we're both on the same page, but I do love fight scenes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Surface flesh wounds are alright (cuts, bruises, etc) anything further and I'd like to be asked first though I will probably okay it.
Killing this character: Ask first, obviously. I'm not opposed to it if the plot is good, but if it's just to be another body for Mr. Biggest Badass On The Playground I'll probably forego.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: A-OK, just ask me first or let me know so I can let you know what you're getting. Demyx has zero in the mental defense abilities, though he is good about saying one thing and thinking another.
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Or California, to be exact. Demyx has been kind of a hermit most days. He goes to the bar when he can, but... it's difficult. He finds himself to be perfectly fine when he's alone, often. If he doesn't have to talk, doesn't have to think, then everything is okay. He sits on the couch or just outside and plays his music, or lets himself drift in the shower water (sometimes he actually even takes his clothes off for it, but not often, he's too used to being covered).

He's just trying to get by one day at a time, and he's once even managed to get through a whole 24 hours without crying! Of course, that was spent asleep...

[OOC: Open until whenever, generic recovery post for anyone who wants to come visit him and has Lissar's permission.]


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